MEMPHIS – The National Hardwood Lumber Assn. (NHLA) announced the development and implementation of its newest educational program: Hardwoods 101.

Hardwoods 101, which provides students with a ‘forest-to-market’ education, is set for June 1-4 at the NHLA Inspector Training School in Memphis.

“NHLA is pleased to offer this program, as its staff and leaders recognize a high demand for an educational program that offers the basics of the industry for professionals that work within the hardwood industry, but don’t have an industry background,” said Crystal Oldham, director of education.

Hardwoods 101 is designed for those individuals that are just joining the hardwood industry or maybe have been a part of it for years and just want to know more about the inner-workings of the business.

The program will cover the following topics:

• Species Identification
• Logging/Trucking
• Management
• Woods Tour
• Vocabulary
• Sawmill Tour
• Uses for Lumber
• Standard Grading and Drying
• Imports
• Marketplace

To learn more about Hardwoods 101, or to register for the program, visit or call (901) 399-7555.

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