POTOMAC FALLS, VA — The Architectural Woodwork Institute,
Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Assn. of Canada and the Woodwork Institute
announce the publication of a joint unified standard for the specification of
qualities, methods and workmanship to produce and install architectural
millwork. This manual reflects a three-year effort by the three associations to
combine previous publications used by the design community to specify woodwork,
the Quality Standards Illustrated and
the Manual of Millwork.


The first edition of the Architectural
Woodwork Standards
is a definitive reference manual designed to simplify
and clarify guidelines, information and principles required for fabrication,
finishing and installation of architectural woodwork. It provides design
professionals with a logical and facile means to comprehensively specify
woodwork elements. The new standards become effective on October 1, 2009. At
that time, if contract documents state that a project must be specified in
accordance with either the Quality
Standards Illustrated
or the Manual
of Millwork
, the new AWS takes


Copies of the AWS
can be ordered from AWI at awinet.org. An updated errata page will be published
on a regular basis and posted on the AWI Web site.

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