PITTSBURGH -- The Hardwood Council has released a reference document entitled, “Carbon Dioxide, Climate Change & U.S. Hardwoods.”

The new resource discusses the role forests play in reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and addresses how building products made from hardwoods demonstrate the least negative environmental impact.

Examples of available information include:
* Trees are carbon neutral and the work that they do reduces greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
* Trees absorb carbon dioxide; separate the carbon and oxygen atoms; use some of the carbon to grow roots, trunk, branches and leaves; then stores or sequesters the unused carbon for the life of the tree or the products made thereof.
* It takes less energy to make products from wood than other materials.
* Every part of a log is used as lumber or a wood by-product and finished hardwood products are re-useable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Access the guide at HardwoodCouncil.com.

Read the Hardwood Council's press release. 

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