GREENSBORO, NC -- Columbia Forest Products has launched a new web portal with resources it said can help forestland owners manage and improve the performance of their forest land holdings.

Jim Sitts, Columbia’s Appalachian Timber Manager, said “(I)t hasn’t been easy for a landowner in the Southern Appalachian region to access help in managing their timber holdings responsibly. Many folks think a detailed forest management plan, let alone an FSC Certified forest management plan, is unobtainable due to the modest size of their property and they presume it’s expensive.

“But in the ten years since the inception of our Forest Management program, Columbia has enrolled over 35,000 acres of forest land. We have worked with gentlemen farmers, hunting clubs and conservation organizations that maintain forestlands for multiple uses. They are all surprised and pleased with the results of working within Columbia’s sourcing group to secure the benefits of long term professional forest management,” Sitts added.

Columbia Forest Products is readying plants to  expand this program to other wood baskets located around Columbia’s other plywood and veneer mills.

Read Columbia Forest Products' press release. 

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