KENNER, LA – Approximately 61% of Southern Forest Products Assn. members do not use a wood certification system, according to the results of a survey conducted by the SFPA and Random Lengths.

In addition, the survey of SFPA members indicated:

* Approximately 46% of southern pine producers do not plan to seek certification any time soon.

* Approximately 60% of southern pine producers receive regular requests for certified products.

* About 89% of respondents believe it is important to market southern pine lumber as a “green” product.

An examination of Random Lengths’ subscribers, revealed the following:

* Approximately 565 do not engage in a certification program.

* Seeking certification depends heavily on “regional market variations, whether the customer base is residential or commercial, and whether a seller seeks a share of government projects that require green certification.”

Russell Richardson, SFPA director of industrial markets, said, “One impediment to seeing certification is certainly cost. According to Random Lengths’ survey respondents, the average cost of obtaining and maintaining certification is $19,898 annually. Five respondents noted even higher costs into the six figures. While many companies are not embracing certification programs, they are hearing a lot about it and are working to accommodate their customers.”

SFPA surveyed southern pine producers who are members of the Southern Pine Council and Random Lengths surveyed a broader industry representation including producers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

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