JASPER, IN -- MasterBrand Cabinets has implemented Riverbed Technology's Steelhead Wide Area Network (WAN) at its main facility in Jasper, plus 20 other sites around the world, to expand its private cloud computing infrastructure.
An internal monthly report on network performance showed that MasterBrand's headquarters and branch offices saw on average a 675 percent increase in network speeds in May with the Steelheads in place, according to Jadd Miller, senior network engineer at MasterBrand. Mobile clients yielded a threefold speed increase on average, he said.

Miller said an enterprise resource management (ERP) application that once took eight hours to run at a remote site now takes an hour. He added that not every private cloud-based computing application is so fast. Databases, file transfers and email do "extremely well," he said. Backups don't hit those 700 percent marks, but the appliances still improve on the system's built-in compression algorithms.

Read Search Enterprise WAN's press release.

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