Marge Carson the copyrighted design
of its Les Marches writing desk, above, was
violated by Philippe Langdon Furniture, below.
The writing desk is one of two dozen furniture
pieces that Marge Carson claims in its lawsuit
was knocked off by Langdon.


 Marge Carson Inc.  has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit claiming that Philippe Langdon Furniture knocked off some two dozen of its furniture designs.

The lawsuit, filed December 15, in Federal Court in Greensboro, NC, involves copyrights for a variety of Marge Carson furniture collections including Bordeaux, Les Marches, Pacifica, Palladian, Perugia, Segovia, Umbria and Vouvray.

Marge Carson copyrights cover sculpture/3-D artwork; new ornamentation, such as wood carvings, veneers, trim, surface treatment, mixed media, fretwork, metalwork, hardware, and decorative elements; and how these elements are compiled and arranged in the finished design.

Marge Carson President Will Sharp said, "Marge Carson prides itself on elegant and original designs, created exclusively for us by some of our industry's top designers. We must aggressively protect our design integrity of our collections, and ensure our retailers that they will not be subjected to design knockoffs."

Marge Carson was started by an interior designer of the same name in 1947 and is now owned by the LaBarge family. The company aims for the high-end market, noting on its website that its products are "sold only through fine retail stores and designer showrooms."

Philippe Langdon Furniture, based in Chino, CA, has manufacturing facilities in China. According to the company's website, "We are specializing in the design, manufacturing, assembly, finishing and marketing of medium- to high-end home furniture with a unique merchandizing concept that enhances your success in selling quality and choice of Bedroom and Dining Room furniture."

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