Hardwood lumber sellers were not positive about sales this week. Kiln-dried lumber shipments slowed to both domestic and export markets, green lumber availability improved, and buyers of both green and kiln-dried

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lumber grew cautious with purchasing prices.

Faster kiln turnover and slower sales were evident at sawmills and concentration yards, where many warehouses have become more crowded over the last couple of weeks. With many wood products manufacturing plants planning to shut down for the entire week of July 4th—and curbing purchases accordingly—lumber sales are expected to be more challenging over the next two weeks.

Markets for low-grade, industrial products like pallet cants and railroad ties were mixed, although generally busy enough to be a net benefit for sawmills.


Many sawmills continue to operate on short schedules due to limited (1) logs, (2) markets and (3) money. Some mills have had to start their own logging crews in order to have enough logs to operate. Even in the sawmill sector, however, there are a few bright spots. Several mills that have changed their business focus, found niche markets, or are somehow adding value to grade lumber and/or byproducts were managing to eke out small profits.

Lumber: Weekly Pricing Reports




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