EAST GREENVILLE, PA – Furniture manufacturer Knoll Inc. announced it has reached its 2010 goal of an additional 2% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over its Phase 1 results as part of its program with the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX).

In Phase 1 of the CCX program, initiated in 2006, Knoll achieved an 8.8% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions over the 1998-2001 baseline. Knoll has used its CCX partnership to guide its climate change program, educate its sales force and associates in its manufacturing facilities and set the standard its operations managers use to achieve the company’s reduction of greenhouse gases.

“We are proud to announce these results, which stem from our close collaboration with the Chicago Climate Exchange and the strong involvement of all Knoll associates,” said Andrew Cogan, CEO, Knoll. “This strong effort to reduce our impact on the environment is part of our long-standing commitment to sustainability in our products and our operations.”

Reaching the 2010 reduction goal means that over the five-year period, beginning in 2003, Knoll avoided 10.4% of expected greenhouse gas emissions, as compared to the baseline emissions of 1998-2001. During this period Knoll significantly increased it sales and operating profits, demonstrating that economic growth and environmental responsibility can be achieved simultaneously.

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