- Kingwood Forestry Services, Inc. says it has over 100 timber properties available for investment in Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Kingwood, based in Arkadelphia, AR, is a real estate brokerage firm specializing in buying and selling timberland for timber sales and hunting.

One 83-acre tract being advertised for sale Dec. 3, contains native pine and hardwood sawtimber with an estimated 18 acres of merchantable timber. Based on an inventory conducted by Kingwood Forestry in October, 2010 tree counts and volumes are estimated at:

Pine Sawtimber - 1,280 Trees - 95,100 Board Feet - 914 Tons

Red Oak Sawtimber - 30 Trees - 3,300 Board Feet - 29 Tons

Pine Pulpwood - 1,210 Trees - 107 Cords - 284 Tons

Hardwood Pulpwood - 830 Trees - 68 Cords - 204 Tons

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