UNION GAP, WA - King Brothers Woodworking, recently purchased by Gary King and Don Craig from investor group Kesselring Holdings, says it plans to grow its 40-employee operation by moving into high end housing. The 43,000 square foot business serves commercial woodworking clients in retail, health care and the hospitality industry.

King Brothers Woodworking was sold in 2005 to Kesselring Holding Corp., Bradenton, FL, which later went public. Kesselring divested King Brothers Woodworking in a buyback in May 2010.

Kesselring Holding Corp. operated King Brothers and related companies as subsidiaries focused on restoration, construction, aluminum products, cabinetry, woodworking, and door and hardware materials: Kesselring Construction Corporation, King Brothers Woodworking Inc., and King Door & Hardware Inc.

King Brothers execs told the Yakima (WA) Herald-Republic newspaper they did $8 million in revenue in fiscal year 2009, declining to $6 million for the fiscal year ended in September. To grow the business they plan create a division specializing in stationary furniture and wall panels for multimillion-dollar homes.

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