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Southern Illinois University (SIU), Carbondale, IL, partnered with local furniture dealer, Stiles Office Solutions, to identify flexible, customizable furniture solutions for its new Boydston Athletic Center and renovated Morris Library. These products needed to blend well between private offices, reception areas, student workstations, and formal and casual meeting spaces.

For Morris Library, SIU selected Kimball’s Transcend wood casegoods, complemented with Footprint laminate and metal casegoods and Cetra panel and Traxx wall systems in workstations and student offices.

“The beauty of what we chose was we could put a wood desk where select staff worked, and then integrate laminate tops on the common tables in other areas to protect them. The flexibility between lines was key,” said Susan Tulis, associate dean at Morris Library. “We needed furniture that was functional, but would blend well together, so when you went from one office into another it clearly tied together.”

Also, SIU chose the Kimball Office interstuhl seating line Axos for executive and side seating, and the remainder of the athletic facility is furnished with Fluent and Footprint casegoods, Pose lounge and Hero.

Susan Tulis, associate dean at Morris Library

Posted by Michaelle Bradford


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