JASPER, IN – Kimball Office announced the eight recipients of its Smart Actions Campaign in New Orleans for new office furniture. The recipients, four for-profit companies and four non-profit organizations, are all working to rebuild their lives and communities post-Katrina.

“We viewed this campaign as an opportunity for Kimball Office to give back,” said Jeff Fenwick, vice president and general manager. “But it is also an opportunity to bring national attention to the needs that still exist in New Orleans. We must focus on rebuilding the businesses, because without businesses, there are no jobs. And, jobs are everything for a city like New Orleans trying to re-grow its population. It is up to each of us to do what we can.”

The recipients are: Dash Lumber; Forstall Art Supplies; Big Chief Alfred Doucette; Mat & Naddie’s Restaurant and Michael’s Catering; Young Aspirations/Young Artists; Boys Hope Girls Hope of Greater New Orleans; Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans; and Dress for Success.

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