WASHINGTON — The International Wood Products Assn. (IWPA), an international trade association for the North American imported wood products industry, commented on the value of imports for domestic manufacturers and answered questions from the International Trade Commission (ITC) at a public hearing, as part of the Section 332 investigation on the U.S. flooring and hardwood plywood industries.  

A panel that included IWPA President Stuart Clarke of Clarke Veneers and Plywood, Don Thompson of Thompson Mahogany and Brent McClendon, IWPA executive vice president, said the $23 billion imported wood products industry helps U.S. manufacturers meet consumer demand and supports hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs.

“The demand for high quality, affordable imported woods, many of which are species that just don't grow in the United States, helps support U.S. manufacturing, distribution and retailing, not to mention the U.S. consumer,” McClendon said.  “The benefits are seen in industries as diverse as hardwood plywood, kitchen cabinets, flooring, recreational vehicles and manufactured housing.”

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