ALEXANDRIA, VA — The International Wood Products Assn. (IWPA), an international trade association for the North American imported wood products industry, has released the sixth edition of its wood sourcing directory, International Wood: The Guide to Applications, Sources and Trends.

Included in the just-released, 84-page publication is a sourcing directory for the industry with detailed contact information and product specifications, as well as new applications for imported wood products in a wide range of projects and an expansive exotic flooring and decking feature, according to the IWPA. International Wood also offers a directory of industry suppliers.

“Readers of this year’s International Wood can expect to see impressive projects and a wide range of species currently being used by architects and designers in innovative ways,” said Brent McClendon, IWPA executive vice president. “In addition, we’re proud to feature in this issue some of the great stories our industry has to tell about how the specification and use of imported materials protects wildlife, assures legality and expands tropical sustainable forest management.”


The sixth edition also covers a broad spectrum of imported veneer, flooring, decking, plywood and lumber use in the United States’ market. “Meranti’s role in protecting the treasured Orangutan and how Mardi Gras float builders themselves are using imported plywood to help revive New Orleans highlights just a few of the ways that U.S. manufacturers are driving positive change locally and around the world,” said Scott Beggs, IWPA’s elected president.

Subscriptions to International Wood are free. Additional copies are available from IWPA's online store, or by contacting IWPA. Cost is $15 (non-member) or $5 (member), plus $5 shipping and handling.

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