A new poll of Woodworking VIP panelists reveals that 41% of the respondents are undecided about whether or not they will attend the International Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Supply Fair-U.S.A. in Atlanta this August.

Eleven percent said they planned to attend and 48% said they did not plan to attend.

The survey was conducted by Woodworking Network to gauge how the prospect of a smaller IWF exhibitor base, including the loss of several large woodworking machinery companies, is weighing on their decision to attend. The Woodworking VIP Panel is comprised of approximately 700 North American wood products executives.

The survey also discovered that fewer respondents attended IWF 2008, 17%; than in 2006, 39%; or 2004, 41%.

The main reasons cited for not attending IWF 2010 were:
Too Costly, 27%;
Too Far Away, 27%,
Poor Economy, 18%;
Not Related to My Job Responsibilities, 14%; and
Other 14%.

Perhaps more telling than the numbers at this stage seven months before IWF gets underway, are the comments respondents tied to support their current intentions about attending IWF. Here are a few samples:

“I have always attend IWF since 1994 to keep in touch with what is happening in the industry.”

“It’s been three years since I was at the show and it is still the place to see new hardware.”

“(The current status of the show) may affect my decision, but I will have to think about it and consult with my associates prior to making the decision. Also, it may depend on what I hear from our vendors about who is exhibiting.”

“I do not plan to attend because it costs more than I can cost justify, it doesn’t create any new business and I get vendor information more efficiently from the Web that is more tailored to my needs.”

“I will not attend because of slow sales, terrible cash flow.”

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