It's often been said that "Seeing is believing." That would help explain the immense popularity of Woodworking Network's video library that was greatly expanded in 2010.

What was most popular?

A six-pack of videos shot live on the show floor of the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta dominated the Top 10 standings of Woodworking Network videos posted in 2010.

The much-watched IWF videos, led by No. 1 Guhdo, included Grass America, General Intl, Keystone Wood Specialties, Accuwrap and KCD Software. Each of these videos features interviews of representatives of the respective companies by WWN personalities about their company's newest products and trends.

The other four WWN Top 10 videos have a kitchen theme. This includes, the Kitchen iPad, Custom Cupboards' Robotic Workcell, House Beautiful's Kitchen of the 2010 Year and Back to the Future Kitchens, a look back what the kitchen of tomorrow was imagined in the 1950s. Incidentally, the related feature article on Custom Cupboards was the most viewed item on Woodworking Network last year with more than 7,400 clicks.

Without further adieu, here are the Top 10 WWN videos of 2010:

1. GUHDO: Live from IWF
In cooperation with GUHDO Werk GmbH in Germany as well as strategic partnerships with other leading European tooling manufacturers, GUHDO USA offers a complete tooling program for the woodworking, plastics and specialty industries. (Posted 8-27-10)

2. Grass America: Live from IWF
Grass America, manufacturer of functional cabinet hardware for the woodworking industry, offers a variety of concealed hinges and drawer systems. New products shown at IWF include the new DYNAPRO, full-extension concealed drawer slide and the new TIOMOS hinge system with integrated soft-closing action in the hinge arm. (Posted 8-27-10)

3. The Kitchen Cabinet iPad
Alan Daly, from Dublin, Ireland, decided to mount his iPad on one of his kitchen cabinet door. He says it's a perfect spot to view online recipes, recipe Apps or to listen to podcasts. (Posted 6-29-10)

4. General International: Live from IWF
General Intl is a supplier of woodworking, metalworking and CNC machines distributing to a primary audience of North America. Headquartered in Montreal, General has a large manufacturing facility in Drummondville, QC, and a U.S. warehouse to serve its expanding distributor base in the USA. (Posted 8-27-10)

5. Keystone Wood Specialties: Live from IWF
Located in Lancaster, PA, Keystone Wood Specialties is a wholesale manufacturer of wood components for the custom cabinet, furniture, and remodeling industries. Products include cabinet doors, drawer fronts, face frames, dovetailed drawer boxes, wainscoting, moulding, and more. (Posted 8-27-10)

6. Custom Cupboards' Robotic Cell
Kansas-based Custom Cupboards is the first cabinetmaker in the nation to use robotics in conjunction with bar coding and RFID technology in the production process. (Posted 8-3-10)

7. House Beautiful's 'Kitchen of the Year'
"Flipping Out" TV star Jeff Lewis gives a tour of House Beautiful's "2010 Kitchen of the Year." (Posted 7-27-10)

8. Accuwrap: Live from IWF
The Accuwrap Group of companies have developed products for a variety of industries including kitchen and bath cabinets, closets, furniture, store fixtures,, picture frame and flooring. (Posted 8-26-10)

9. KCD Software: Live at IWF 
KCD products include CNC software, cutlist software, design software, estimating software, optimization software, and wood specifying software. (Posted 8-27-10)

10. Back to the Future Kitchens
What did the kitchen of the future look like in the 1950s? Watch this video to find out.

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