ATLANTA, GA -- The International Woodworking Fair (IWF) Challengers Distinguished Achievement Awards selection committee  named the seven winning entries at a ceremony held this morning on the show floor.

The winning companies included: Benz, Binks Devilbiss, Cabinotch, ETP Transmission, King Slide, Leitz Tooling and Precision Drive Systems.

The winning companies were chosen from among 22 woodworking technology and supply finalists. A total of 80 products were entered by 65 companies.

Here's more info about each of the 2010 Challengers Awards winners:

BENZ Inc.: Reciprocating Knife
Cutter - RCK
Booth 7285
The Reciprocating Knife Cutter is designed to add a new level of versatility to a "C"-axis equipped CNC machine.
It utilizes a standard spoil board to hold material. The RCK is designed to cut fabrics, leather, veneers, rubber, carpet, cork, vinyl and other similar products. More >>

Binks, DeVilbiss: Binks MX Pump - MX412

Booth 2531
The Binks MX Series of pumps support one- or two-gun spray finishing in air assist airless applications. It has a specially designed air motor and fluid section combination that helps reduce rejected parts, coating costs and energy consumption. More >>

Cabinotch: Cabinotch - 1
Booth 4663
The Cabinotch patented system provides cabinetmakers with the ability to produce more cabinets in less time providing additional manufacturing. Cabinotch offers a broad range of sizes and species, allowing customers to order what they need, when they need it. More >>

ETP Transmission Inc.: ETP CUBIT

Booth 6364
ETP CUBIT is a new patented adjustable system to operate with axial access and three steps quickly and accurately adjust profile tools. The extreme precise adjustment is done by 0.01mm increments. More >>

King Slide Works Co. Ltd.: 1A88 -Push-Open-Silent Soft-close Undermount Slide

Booth 2355
King Slide has combined the touch-open and soft-closing technologies in the 1A88 undermount slide. King Slide uses all-mechanical designthat will not only save electricity but promote green technology. It opens with one touch; no handle is needed. More >>

Leitz Tooling Systems, Inc.: RipTec Cutting System
Booth 5053
Leitz Tooling Systems introduces RipTec technology. Patented for window production, the RipTec system drastically decreases blow-out on end-grain machining and creates a stronger joint, sealed against water and air penetration. Also used in conjunction with finish planers, such as Leitz CentroStar or VariPlan, on four-sided moulders, the RipTec pre-cutter virtually eliminates plucked grain in difficult-to-machine woods. More >>

Precision Drive Systems: Dyna-Loc ATC Spindle

Booth 4513
The 6138 Dyna Loc is a compact automatic tool change spindle system that incorporates standard HSK-style tool holders. In this design, the conventional drawbar and spring packs are removed and the pneumatic actuator is moved to the front of the spindle. Precision Drive Systems says advantages of this system include: Fail-safe design eliminates accidental tool ejection in the unlikely event of a failure; elimination of hollow shaft, drawbar, and spring packs; and elimination of  expensive HSK clamping sets. More >>

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