NÜRINGEN, GERMANY — Holz-Her Reich Spezialmaschinen GmbH, which is currently owned by the Wulf W. Reich family and the BWK GmbH, announced that it will be continued with a new shareholder structure. The Reich Spezialmaschinen Gruppe (Reich Special Machine Group) emerged in 1983 from the group of companies, which was founded by the Reich family in 1914, and has about 600 employees worldwide.

“We decided in favor of the HANNOVER Finanz Gruppe due to the capital investor’s more than 30 years of experience with successor arrangements and the change of shareholders in family enterprises,” said Wulf W. Reich. In addition to HANNOVER Finanz Gruppe, ownership of the shares includes the General Managers Wolfgang Augsten and Rudolf Vogl. 

The HANNOVER Finanz is a capital investor, which is specialized in the German language area. Together with its Austrian subsidiary, HANNOVER Finanz Austria, the investment company supports German and Austrian SME with management buyouts and finances their growth. “In the alliance of the group, we can conduct transactions for small- and medium-sized enterprises with annual sales of up to 300 million euros and finance purchase prices of up to 150 million euros,” Reich said.

Existing management will continue to manage and grow the company, with an aim to further strengthen the strategic aim of developing, producing and marketing high quality machines for the woodworking industry. The product lines for edgebanders, CNC machining centers, horizontal beam saws and vertical panel saws, and the integration of machines in a network, are the supporting pillars of the group, and plans are to further expand these product areas in the future.

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