The very hot weather the past month has allowed most mills to build log inventories. That same hot weather, however, has forced many mills to focus on cutting those species most subject to stain—Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Poplar and Hickory in particular—regardless of whether the market can absorb additional production in those species. While demand remained slow in most markets, overall lumber production appears to be increasing.

Inventory levels at concentration yards were steady, and most were working to limit the amount of green lumber purchased. Flooring plants remained buyers of Hard Maple, but their demand for #2&3A Common Red Oak and White Oak was only fair. Truck trailer flooring producers, on the other hand, remained busy, and were purchasing good volumes of lumber. Exports to the Far East were sluggish. European sales were also quiet, with many buyers on holiday and the rest worried about their economies.

Solid sales of low-grade, industrial lumber provided some consolation to sawmills struggling with weaker #1/Btr lumber demand. Crossties moved at a brisk pace in virtually every size. Markets for pallet cants and pallet boards were relatively busy, and prices were firm. Some mills have accumulated a few extra loads of frame stock for furniture plants, but each expects to sell them within a week or two.


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