BELLINGHAM, WA - Grizzly Industrial Inc., distributor of woodworking and metalworking equipment, announced that its 676-page 2010 catalog has been printed on 100% Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified paper.
The SFI is third-party certification program that forest land resources are managed and harvested according to sustainable forestry practices. The SFI standard was developed by professional foresters, conservationists, scientists and others to address environmental and socio-economic forest values including water quality, biodiversity and timber harvesting and regeneration practices. SFI's chain-of-custody certification tracks wood fiber from certified forestlands to certified forest products manufacturers.
In the case of paper, this includes the printer who converts the paper from sheets and rolls into a final printed product. In order for Grizzly to claim the use of Sustainable Forestry Initiative paper, Grizzly's 2010 catalog printer, through chain-of-custody, warrants that 100% of the paper used was SFI certified. The SFI logo is displayed in the mailing panel on the back cover of its 2010 Grizzly catalog. Since the 2010 Grizzly catalog utilized more than 3 million pounds of paper,

Grizzly said it is “proud to use paper products from certified sustainable forestry practices.”

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