OSSEO, WI —Global Finishing Systems

(GFS) recently installed heat recovery units at its manufacturing facilities to reduce energy consumption.
By installing the units on each of its three spray booth exhaust stacks, GFS said it is able to utilize the heat generated during the operation of these spray booths to control the temperature within the manufacturing shop itself. GFS said re-using the heat generated by the spray booths, significantly reduces the usage of its existing facility heating system and is better for the environment.

“In fact, the 60,000 cfm air make-up unit currently installed will be replaced with a 10,000 cfm unit, while still providing the same comfortable work environment for our employees,” the company said in a press release. In addition, the company said an analysis done by the Focus on Energy program estimated that these changes will reduce GFS’ electrical consumption by over 31,000 kwh per year and its natural gas consumption by over 23,000 therms annually at its Osseo manufacturing operation.

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