Dakota by Barrymore Furniture,
one of approximately 100 firms
participating in the Quality
Canadian Furniture campaign.

MONTREAL, QC -- The Quebec Furniture Manufacturers’ Association has created a new "buy Canadian" campaign that includes the launch of a new website.

In part, the website - qualitycanadianfurniture.ca - touts the value, "style, versatile design, manufacturing quality and renowned durability." of Canadian-made furniture. 

The website also promotes the quality of Canadian craftsmanship and plays the "green" card.

"Buying Canadian is also an ethical choice. Furniture is manufactured under fair working conditions and, for the most part, uses renewable resources from our forests—the fruits of a labour passed on from one generation of Canadian artisans to the next. Finally, furniture made in Canada is local. So it hasn’t travelled thousands of miles to reach your front door."

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