MADISON, WI — Research by the USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Lab into the causes of baseball bat shattering has resulted in a 50 percent reduction of incidences, according to Major League Baseball.

Since Major League Baseball’s partnership with the USDA Forest Service began in 2008, we have witnessed a dramatic decrease in the number of broken bats thanks to the extensive efforts of the scientists from the Forest Products Laboratory, especially Dave Kretschmann,” said Dan Halem, MLB’s senior vice president of Labor Relations. MLB cites a 50 percent reduction in multiple-piece failure (MPF) rates in baseball bats in the last three seasons.

“Most of my initial recommendations addressed “slope of grain” issues,” says Kretschmann. “One change made to address this issue, something that players and fans can easily see is a small ink dot placed on the face-grain of bat handles. This helps identify grain characteristics at just a glance.”

Posted by Karen Koenig

 Forest Products Lab research reduces bat breakage 50%
 Dave Kretschmann. Photo: USDA

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