Florense rededicates to greener furnitureFLORES DE CUNHA, BRAZIL --

Office furniture manufacturer Florense said it has added to its "green" resume.

Florense Furniture said it received IOS14001 certification in January of 2001.
The company said its most recent "green" achievements, include:
 * A 67% reduction in water consumption,
 * Complete elimination" of CO2 and other industrial gasses into the atmosphere.
* A 65% reduction in the production of liquid waste in the manufacturing process.
* Treatment of 100% of all liquid waste produces by the company.
* 100% recycling of solid waste.
* Reuse of 100% of sawdust generated by the manufacturing process as a source of energy.
* A 64%  of reduction in the consumption of wood veneers by using Green Engineered Veneers and investments in manufacturing technology.
* A 25% reduction in the consumption of painting supplies.
* A 12% reduction in the consumption of electricity.
* Planting of 2,324 trees as a part of its commitment with the Carbon Free Program.

Posted by Rich Christianson

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