Ole Meyer Sorensen, 69, passed away on January 22, after battling cancer. A native of Denmark, Ole was admired and well-respected throughout the woodworking industry and beyond. His involvement with the wood products industry began in 1971 when he established MOLDOW Dust Control Ltd in Greensboro, NC, to market dust collectors to the furniture industry.  He was instrumental in introducing Spark Detection Systems to North America in the mid 1970’s and in 1978 won a Challenger Award for the FLAMEX System.  He ended his career as president of FLAMEX Inc.

He was a member of many trade associations in the wood products industry and served on the National Fire Protection Code Committee 664, dealing with fire safety in woodworking facilities. Prior to his involvement in the wood products industry, he managed a coffee production facility in Mombassa, Kenya and worked with a Danish trading company in New York City.

Memorials to honor Sorensen can be made to the American Cancer Society.

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