ATLANTA – Twenty finalists survived the first round of judging to continue competing for a 2008 Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award, according to the International Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Supply Fair

The field was narrowed from a record number of 126 entries from 93 companies, which showed the abundance of technological advancements in the industry that will be exhibited at IWF 2008.

The Challengers Awards recognize innovative technology, as well as significant improvements to environmental improvement, and focuses on exhibiting companies who have distinguished themselves by developing innovative products, services or techniques.

“With a record number of entries, the 2008 competition was one of the most competitive ever,” said Richard Campbell, IWF 2008 Challengers Award Committee Chairman.

Among the finalists, seven exhibiting companies will be selected by panel of 10 judges during the last round of judging, which takes place on Aug. 19, one day before the opening of IWF 2008. These seven winning companies will receive the Challengers Award during a special awards ceremony at 1:30 p.m., Wednesday, August 20th.

The finalists are (listed in alphabetical order, not according to rank or score along, with their entry):

Accu-Systems Inc.: Mortise Tenon Haunch Machining Center (Booth #9852)

Biesse Wood Div./Brenna Macchine Srl: N.C. Through-feed Machining Center (Booth #5753)

Carter Products Co. Inc.: Sand Trac Totalizer SD-1000 (Booth #5400)

DUX Area Inc.: DUX Advanced Laminar Airflow Technology (Booth #1231)

DV-Systems/Delle Vedove USA Inc.: UV-X (Booth #8662)

FS Tool Corp./FS Cruing: Aerotech (Booth #8252)

Giben Intl. SpA: Zero Active Drive Beam Saw (Booth #9306)

The Hain Co.: The Folding Digital Measuring System (Booth #4853)

NAP GLADU: Next G Series Diamond & Carbide Inserts Cutting Tool (Booth #5973)

Onsrud Cutter: Tuff Core (Booth #8126)

ShopBot: ShopBot Buddy with Power Stick (Booth #8436)

Super Thin Saws: UltraCem-coated blades (Booth #9000)

Techniks: ATEMAG Floating Aggregate with Chip Guide (Booth #8063)

TenonCam: TenonCam-CNC System (Booth #4059)

Timesavers Inc.: Timesavers Random Air Motion Blow-off (Booth #5713)

Unimerco Inc.: Hydro Tool Holders with Chip Diverter (Booth #4918)

Vortex Tool Co. Inc.: The Venturi System (Booth #8952)

Weinig Group: Variomat (Booth #8606)

Weinig Group/Raimann: SafetyPlus (Booth #8606)

WoodEye North America/Innovative Vision AB: Automatic NHLA Grading of Hardwoods (Booth #9840)

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