Trends for European laminate flooring in 2011 call for light, elegant wooden decors, characterized by "visual depth and distrinctive structures," according to the European Laminate Flooring Producers, adding think ash and elm, as well as rustic oak and walnut.

ELFP said the woods are often visually altered by greyish-white colours, creating the popular, typical old-wood design. Oak is currently the preferred trendwood, and with new exclusive texture-styles, such as, for example “saw cut”, its finely chased surface resembles freshly cut wood. This style is the ultimate trendsetter as a “country house” floorboard.

"Whether they have been etched, bleached, stained or leached – the new wooden decors create a unique room atmosphere and fit our contemporary puristic furnishing style perfectly," ELFP said.

Read the European Laminate Flooring Producers' press release.

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