Franz-Josef Bütfering, president of the European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers (EUMABOIS), said there signs of optimism for European woodworking machinery companies, who "have gone through a major crisis."

Bütfering shared his thoughts about the global woodworking market in an interview with journalis Georg Dlugosch.

"Turnover collapsed and it is still very low in many companies, Bütfering said. "We can expect such difficulties to endure a while longer, but there are also clear signs that we have taken the way out of this valley of tears. More and more indicators show that the curve is turning upwards. Recent exhibitions have brought not only a more favorable climate, but new business as well."
Bütfering noted that estate markets have not recovered. "That’s why we still see some caution in the purchase decisions of our customers. There will have to be an increased workload for the wood and furniture industry before we can see a significant rally of investments. For the time being, demand is mainly represented by old equipment replacement or adaptation of manufacturing systems." 

Read EUMABOIS' press release.


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