ROCKFORD, IL – Rockford, IL-based Ello Furniture Factory is opening its showrooms and factory to the public to liquidate its inventory. The bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture and more will be sold below wholesale cost.

The company will sell $5 million worth of furniture at 60 to 90 percent below its regular retail price, beginning Sept. 10.

“There is over 200,000 square feet in our showroom/warehouse and the entire space will be filled with furniture,” said Alan Molton, president of the company. “The general public will have a unique opportunity to see and buy the finest quality home furnishings at price discounts never seen before… below wholesale.”

Larry Molton, the original owner of the company, said Ello is opening its factory to the public to liquidate excess inventory due to a slow down in the housing market.

In the past, the Ello sale was a one or two day event. “Now we will stay open week days, weekend, nights until everything is gone,” Alan Molton said.

Molton expects customers to drive from as far away as Chicago; St. Louis; Milwaukee, Springfield, IL; and Davenport, IA. “We expect people to drive hundreds of miles for this a once-in-a-lifetime chance to furnish their homes with unique contemporary furnishings at below wholesale prices.”

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