MONTREAL - Furniture and juvenile goods manufacturer Dorel says its first quarter home furnishings revenue increased led principally by increased sales of upholstered furniture and futons. On-line sales nearly doubled from 2010.

Dorel says of all its businesses profits in home furnishings were most affected by increased costs of raw materials during the first quarter, with steel and polyester experiencing the most dramatic increases. Year-over-year higher freight rates also reduced earnings as did the weakening U.S. dollar, says Dorel,though increased sales volume and increased factory efficiencies helped offset some of the costs.

Home Furnishings

First Quarters Ended March 31
  2011 2010  
  $ % of rev. $ % of rev. Change %
Total revenues 137,736   128,843   6.9%
Gross profit 17,186 12.5% 19,824 15.4% -13.3%
Operating profit 7,750 5.6% 10,703 8.3% -27.6%

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