WASHINGTON, DC The new mattress flammability standard that kicks in July 1 will prevent as many as 270 deaths and 1,330 injuries every year, according to estimates released by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Mattresses manufactured in or imported into the United States after July 1 must meet the mandatory flammability standard that is designed to reduce the severity of mattress fires ignited by open flame sources such as candles, matches and lighters.

CPSC Acting Chairman Nancy Nord said, “The new federal flammability standard limits the spread and intensity of a mattress fire. That will give consumers valuable time to escape their homes if there’s a fire and it will save lives.”

Consumers are urged to look for a label on a mattress stating that it meets the new federal flammability requirement and whether it is intended to be sold alone or with a specific foundation, such as a box spring.

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