WASHINGTON -- New federal standards which effectivelyban future manufacture and sale of drop-side cribs take affect June 28.

Under the better-late-than-never mantra, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recently blogged a long set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in an 11th hour attempt to help consumers, child care and other institutions, retailers and manufacturers be better aware of their obligations under the new rules. The rules were developed in the wake of severa ldozen  infant deaths believed to be tied to related crib malfunctions, which in turn spawned the recall of more than 10 million cribs, most of them wood, in the past decade or so.

Most of the FAQs geared toward crib manufacturers relate to the ability to continue offering retrofit kits to consumers to remedy potential defects.

Read all of the CPSC's crib safety FAQs.

Posted by Rich Christianson

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