- Department of Commerce says it has "preliminarily determined" that Chinese wood bedroom furniture manufactures dumped goods on the U.S. market, making "sales to the United States at prices below normal value." The multi-year investigation names more than three dozen China wood furniture manufacturers that will face retroactive tariffs from 16% to over 200%. 

China furniture tariffs were
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a week of blizzards, closures,
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The announcement, published in today's Federal Register, found  Huafeng Furniture Group Co., Ltd. and nine other firms dumped furniture during 2009. "Additionally, 31 separate rate applicants (including Huafeng) have  demonstrated that they are entitled to a separate rate and have been assigned the dumping margin calculated
for the mandatory respondent. If these preliminary results are adopted in our final results of review, we will instruct U.S. Customs and Border Protection to assess antidumping duties on entries of  subject merchandise during the period of review for which the importer-specific assessment rates are above de minimis."

The Commerce Dept. says it will issue final results of  its review within 120 days. The explanatory Federal Register memorandum on the wood bedr\oom furniture dumping tariffs case is available here:   /ccmsdocuments/Woodworking-Network/FederalRegisterFeb102011Chinaantidump.pdf

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