Castle launches CSI-Next pocket joinery screw inserterPETALUMA, CA

- Castle, Inc announces the release of CSI-Next, an automated system  for pocket joinery and screw insertion.

Using a patented Screw-In-Pocket (SIP) technology, CSI-Next cuts Castle’s


 Watch Castle CSI Next run.

distinctive screw pocket, drills a low angle pilot hole, then  inserts a screw below flush in under two seconds. Demonstrated at AWFS Fair, the device is ageared to cell-manufacturing settings as well as volume wood factory production.

CSI-Next says the system facilitates faster production time by eliminating screw handling at assembly.

CSI-Next includes pocket sensing to protect router bits. Its components are fitted with quick-disconnects to simplify change-out and virtually eliminate down time. Easy to access carriages simplify tooling changes.
CSI-Next includes the Weber Vibratory Screw Feeder System (a slurry system that queues up individual screws for placement), Siemens LOGO! PLC and the 3 HP Colombo Hi Freq Spindle. More information is at

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