GRAND RAPIDS, MI – During the recent National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) meeting in Washington a select group of NAM representatives were asked to meet privately with President George W. Bush to discuss the burdens the current economy is placing on manufacturing.

The contingent of NAM directors were to meet with Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to discuss the Economic Stability Act, however, as they prepared to leave for the meeting, they were informed that they would instead be meeting with the President.

Peter Perez, president of Carter Products Co. Inc. of Grand Rapids, MI; NAM Director; and past-president of the Wood Machinery Manufacturers Assn. (WMMA), sat to the immediate right of President Bush during the session.

During a wide-ranging, off-the-record discussion, Perez said, the President was “well-informed, articulate, and made detailed inquiries regarding the impact that both the national economy and world markets were having on our businesses.  He had his facts in hand. The President really understands the situation.”

“The President was also glad that ‘this was happening on his watch,’” said Perez.  “The challenges of a new administration are difficult enough without dealing with an economic crisis as well.”

During the meeting with NAM representatives, President Bush requested that they also work with their representatives in Congress to ensure they understood how the crisis affects businesses and their employees.

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