CARB updates sell-through documentSACRAMENTO, CA -- The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has updated the comprehensive sell-through Regulatory Guidance document to reflect the updates in extensions previously announced for products covered by its 2007 airborne toxic control measure aimed at curbing formaldehyde emissions from composite wood panels.

In June, CARB announced that it was delaying the enforcement of two sell-through dates that affect distributors, importers, fabricators and retailers of finished goods made with Phase 1 hardwood plywood - veneer core and distributors of Phase 1 particleboard and MDF panels. The extension was granted in recognition of the economic recession and related problems for companies to sell off their inventories.

The extension for distributors, importers, fabricators, and retailers of finished goods is through June 30, 2012, and affects businesses that use HWPW-VC panels (i.e., fabricators) to make finished goods, as well as businesses that distribute or sell these goods in California. In addition to the finished goods extension, the advisory provided an extension for distributors of Phase 1 PB and MDF panels through December 31, 2011, aligning this date with the sell-through date for panel retailers. 

View CARB's complete up-to-date sell-through charts for all products and CARB material suppliers.

Posted by Rich Christianson

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