- David S. Numark and Richard G. Svorec announced Dec. 31 the launch of  BKB
Flooring USA. The Chatham, NJ company will import and distribute Malaysian-sourced engineered
flooring  to the United States.

BKB Flooring USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NGS Flooring Distributors, LLC, has been named the exclusive U.S. importer of BKB Hevea Flooring Products, a global brand based in Malaysia. The engineered hardwood flooring products, which are available with FSC certification, are now to be offered for the first time in the U.S. market with oiled and polyurethane finishes.

The surface finish makes the flooring more economical and easier to maintain, says Svorec, who notes that architects, designers, developers and flooring distributors see floor maintenance and damage as ongoing issues. End users often want to limit the added expense of flooring maintenance and repair, he says, sans so BKB USA will offer "oiled engineered hardwood flooring along with maintenance and repair kits that are extremely end user friendly."

BKB Hevea describes itself on its website:
B.K.B. Hevea Products Sdn. Bhd. ("BKB") is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kuala Lumpur-Kepong Berhad ("KLK")

KLK started as a plantation company more than 100 years ago, plantations, oil palm and rubber, still is its core business activity. Since the 1990s, the Group has diversified into resource-based manufacturing (oleochemicals, derivatives and specialty chemicals), property development and retailing (personal care products, toiletries and fine foods) with a worldwide operational and retailing presence.

BKB's core product is European-style parquet with 3-layer construction, engineered with real hardwood on the top and supported by Hevea, a plantation wood in the middle and softwood veneer as the back.

BKB owns and operates a modern state of the art engineered hardwood flooring factory located in Ipoh, a city on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

The factory which commenced production in 1994, has a built-up area of more than 28,000m2 and features some of the latest engineered hardwood flooring technology using state-of-the-art leading European manufacturers. The factory currently has a production capacity of more than 1.5 million m2 / year.

Its product range is sold in many parts of the world, including Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and Asia.  BKB has been certified MS ISO 9001:2000 and is now also offering FSC products.

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