CHARLOTTE, NC – Woodworking machinery manufacturers Biesse and Friulmac announce they have signed an exclusive distribution agreement. The partnership establishes Biesse America and Canada as the sole distributor of Friulmac machinery in North America.

“Friulmac’s strong expertise in the solid wood market and the complementarities of our products and applications represent a valuable fit for Biesse’s solid wood program,” said Federico Broccoli, CEO of Biesse and Intermac in the USA and Canada. “This partnership is part of Biesse’s larger and ongoing diversification strategy that focuses on investing in actions with more immediate and measurable returns on investment”.

“I consider Biesse to be a valuable and reliable partner that will strongly contribute to the ongoing success of our company, and I am confident that the specialized, cross-trained senior technicians and solid wood applications teams will be able to give our customers faster and more comprehensive support than ever before,” said Marco Novello, president of Friulmac.

Biesse and Friulmac equipment will be on display at the Biesse One2One event scheduled for June 10 and 11 in Charlotte, NC. For more information about the event, click here. To see the full range of Friulmac equipment offered by Biesse, click here.

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