CHARLOTTE, NC – Biesse North America and 20-20 Technologies are jointly inviting panel processing experts to attend a Web event on May 6 from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. (EST), which shows how to use the Biesse Skipper boring and routing CNC machine to its fullest extent.

Developed specifically to address the need for efficient “batch one” manufacturing, Skipper offers: no set-up time, high productivity and powerful drilling, Biesse says.

20-20 Technologies developed a stand-alone software program that creates CNC machine code on the fly from a .DXF or MPR input file and allows the operator to pick and choose what parts he wants to produce as single or stack parts. The on-demand and bar code scanning and mapping process eliminates errors caused by manual operator input and provides the high level of flexibility required to run varying lot sizes without interruptions, 20-20 says.

The Biesse and 20-20 team will show the actual processing of various parts on the new Biesse Skipper 130 in a live video presentation from Biesse’s showroom in Charlotte, NC.

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