BESTAR, a manufacturer of ready-to-assemble furniture and particleboard components, announced its new strategic directions, which includes a new corporate logo and website.

BESTAR, founded in 1948, said it will concentrate its efforts to inner workings and heighten its image on three three fundamental values, including:

Human Considerations: "BESTAR puts people first. Products are made here, by local people, for local people. BESTAR is organic, adapting to the needs of its customers and employees, and motivated by their well-being."

Environmental Respect: "BESTAR thinks about tomorrow for its customers, its employees and the community. BESTAR develops and implements manufacturing techniques, packaging methods, materials, and product lifecycles that respect the environment. In addition, over 70% of BESTAR’s purchases are made within a radius of less than 500km (320 miles)."

Product Quality: "BESTAR is synonymous with quality at all levels in its designs, materials and manufacturing, in its concern for ergonomics, as well as in its relationships with customers and partners."

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