SAN FRANCISCO - Bella Cera Floors launches premium hardwood flooring planks hand stained like furniture with two passes of Valspar coatings. The Amalfi Coast Series also has 4"/6"/8" variable-width planks.

Hardwood flooring products are usually stained just once by a roller which produces a more uniform look and more superficial wood coloring, says Bella Cera Floors. In an innovation never before applied to the manufacture of hardwood flooring, says Bella Cera, it hand-applies two coats of stain to its Amalfi Coast planks.

"Our dual-coat Valspar stain is custom formulated to heighten grain patterns and deepen rich brown and red surface tones," said Jeanette Lam, the company's president. "Most hardwood stains are machine rolled on, but we hand-apply a bright undertone followed by a darker UV stain. This sets rich, bright undertones aglow." The effect, she added, is different hews and unprecedented color depth and richness highlighting the natural beauty of the wood.

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