LUDWIGSHAFEN, GERMANY and CAORSO, ITALY -- BASF, a global chemical company, and SAIB, a timber manufacturer, presented their joint project to develop a lightweight particleboard at SICAM.

The new wood-based material, based on the Kaurit  Light system, is reportedly at least 20% lighter than conventional particleboard. The product, is scheduled to be launched in 2011.
Particleboard made with Kaurit Light technology consists of wood chips, a polymer (Kaurit Light) and a bonding agent (Kaurit glue). Before being added to the wood chips, Kaurit Light is foamed in a pre-foamer. The rest of the manufacturing process is identical to that of conventional particleboard. The panels can be fabricated on usual panel processing equipment. 

Read BASF's and SAIB's  jointpress release.

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