2009 WorldSkills Competition: Joinery
LEESBURG, VA  – U.S. cabinetry and CNC turning students will face-off against peers from around the world at WorldSkills 2011, to be held in London, England in October. SkillsUSA, the organization that represents the United States in the WorldSkills Competition, will send 17 high school and college students to London, England, for the 2011 global competition. Held every other year, the event follows the national SkillsUSA competition being held later this month in Kansas City, KS.

Woodworkers attending the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas next month will have a first-ever chance to  watch WorldSkills Cabinetmaking Qualifying Trials, which premier at the 2013 event in Las Vegas. The Qualifying Trials will determine which competitors will compete in WorldSkills Leipzig, Germany in 2013. The cabinetry competition will take place for three days during the AWFS Fair, starting Wednesday, July 20. Attendees can watch students build projects showcasing their cabinet construction and woodworking skills.

“SkillsUSA is an important industry education organization,” says AWFS executive VP Angelo Gangone. “Our intent is to increase awareness of SkillsUSA among our exhibitors and attendees and emphasize the importance of skilled trades to the future of the industry.”

Two students will vie for the chance to represent the U.S. at WorldSkills 2013: SkillsUSA national top-scoring competitor Daniel Berrios, from Bethlehem Vo-Tech School in Bethlehem, PA, the high school gold medal winner from 2010; and a second contestant, the winner of the 2011 cabinetmaking contest at the National Leadership and Skills Conference, to be held June 19-24 in Kansas City, MO.

“The concept of hosting the WorldSkills Cabinetmaking Qualifying Trial at AWFS Fair is perfectly aligned with our organizational vision and mission,” said Ada Kranenberg, SkillsUSA World Team Official Delegate. “We promote skilled trade careers for students and this event will give the students the opportunity to learn more about woodworking. It will also allow the woodworking industry to see first-hand how hard-working, dedicated and well-trained SkillsUSA students are.”

At the 2011 WorldSkills competition in London this October, U.S. students will test their skills against 1,000 students representing 55 countries from around the world competing in 43 official competitions and three demonstration contests. The competitors representing 17 skill categories, including carpentry and CNC turning.  

The WorldTeam competitors earn the right to be members of WorldTeam by winning local, district and national contests, such as July's AWFS cabinetry trial, under the SkillsUSA program. Competitors must be under the age of 23. Chosen to compete in the 2011 WorldSkills International Competition to date are:
• Cabinetmaking – Brett Ottinger, Stevens College of Technology, Lehighton, Pa.
• CNC Milling – Joseph King, Calhoun Community College, Athens, Ala.
• CNC Turning – Maxwell Hershey, William D Ford Career Technical Center, Wayne, Mich.
SkillsUSA helps high school and college students enrolled in career and technical education programs to excel by teaching employability skills such as communication, problem solving and leadership in conjunction with their trade, technical and service occupations skills. The association’s annual membership exceeds 300,000 students and instructors in more than 4,000 schools and colleges in every state, three territories and the District of Columbia.

More than 300,000 students and advisors join SkillsUSA annually, organized into more than 17,000 sections and 54 state and territorial associations. Combining alumni and lifetime membership, the total number impacted is more than 320,000.  At the annual national-level SkillsUSA Championships, over 5,500 students compete in 94 occupational and leadership skill areas.

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