LAS VEGAS – This all-day seminar, Tuesday, July 19 from8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., taught by Brian Swanson,
NACS Inc., is structured as an interactive simulationgame. The workshop involves attendees in the application of Lean principles. Split into “competing companies,” participants work on a simulated manufacturing floor, buildingproduct during four business cycles. Between each cycle, teams have the opportunity to use the tools learned, including cellular manufacturing, teamwork,work standardization, Kanban, Poke-Yoke,Visual Controls, Kaizen event, TAKT time and mixed models. At the end of each cycle, teams evaluate their net margin via a P&L statement. They also monitor gross margin, lead time,
work-in-process, customer service, overhead, direct labor, raw storage dollars and cost of quality.
Attendees will experience firsthand the transition from a traditional to a lean manufacturing environment
and gain knowledge of the Lean components employed to achieve it.

Posted by Molly Keith

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