AWFS Fair: Kaeser Compressors and SmartPipeLAS VEGAS

- Kaeser Compressors (Booth 8807) will feature the redesigned SK rotary screw compressor series. The 15 and 20 hp industrial air compressors are even more efficient, easy to maintain, and offer a smaller footprin, says Kaeser, and the redesigned units provide greater flow at 46-89 cfm with pressures from 80-217 psig.

The SK series also features the Sigma Profile airend, as well as automatic belt tensioning and premium efficiency motors for significant energy savings. Triple vibration isolation and heavy sound proofing quiet its operation. 

Also featured will be Kaeser’s SX AirCenter with rotary screw compressor, dryer and tank in a single space-saving package. Available in 3 to 7.5 hp, the SX AirCenter provides pressures from 125 to 217 and capacities to 28.3 cfm. To regulate and monitor the compressor, Sigma Control Basic comes standard and optional clean air treatment package can be added.

Kaeser Compressors' modular, aluminum compressed air distribution system – SmartPipe –  will be shown The piping system features lightweight materials and push-to-fit connectors that can be installed without threading, welding or sweating. SmartPipe can be easily integrated into existing steel or copper systems and modified to accommodate changing needs.

SmartPipe is made from smooth, calibrated aluminum and will not rust. It has a low friction coefficient, and provides the best possible flow. Full bore fittings minimize pressure drop and leak-free connectors prevent costly compressed air loss.

Available in multiple sizes from ½ to 4 inches, SmartPipe is is used for headers and branch lines all the way down to the point of use.

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