- Popular writers, bloggists and industry personalities from Woodworking Network will be on hand at AWFS to meet you, and even put you online in custom "Say hello from AWFS Fair" videos.

At AWFS: Woodworking Network personalitiesWood sales advisor Rick Hill (right), finishing expert Bernie Bottens

At AWFS: Woodworking Network personalities
Bernie Bottens' at AWFS Fair  sponsored by
At AWFS: Woodworking Network personalities

(left,) sponsored by ML Campbell) and industry reporter-analysts Rich Christianson, Karen Koenig, Michaelle Bradford and Bill Esler will also be on the show floor or at the Woodworking Network Booth 2139.

We will have a videographer on hand to give you 15 seconds of online fame in a "Say Hello from AWFS Fair" video poke to be posted at Woodworking Network, and at our Twitter and Facebook pages. It's free. Plan to come on over to our booth! (We'll post a schedule)

Execs from Woodworking Network, which includes the wood manufacturing website and Wood & Wood Products, Custom Woodworking Business, and CLOSETS magazines, will  present free seminars at the AWFS Fair woodworking industry show this summer. AWFS Fair runs July 20-23 in Las Vegas.


At AWFS: Woodworking Network personalities12:00 pm, Wednesday, July 20 | State of the Woodworking Industry and Current Trends
Woodworking Network publisher Laurel Didier will discuss a broad sweep of trends that they have seen in the last 6 months through case studies of woodworkers, including:

* International Markets: China, Italy and Germany
* Industry Research
* Findings from the Green and Closets Event

12:00 pm, Friday, July 22 | What Can Digital Marketing Do for You and What are the Best Practices?
Vance Publishing VP Steve Reiss will explore the opportunities unfolding for growing your business with integrated digital media marketing, with access to statistics on online audience behaviors and data from Vance Publishing’s e-media department.

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