NEW YORK - Architectural Systems Inc. announced it has agreed to become the exclusive metropolitan New York dealer of Veritas ResinArt panels and hardware systems.

As an addition to the ASI Decorative Surfaces brand, the Veritas collection includes ResinArt panels available in many textures, interlayer materials, colors and gauges. Veritas also offers seven custom hardware products: mast, frame, rail, glide, ceiling, point and cable systems that come with full fabrication services, including custom cutting, routing, drilling, polishing, edge-bending, finished edging, forming and water cutting. “

We are very excited about adding ResinArt panels to our product collection to transform any commercial interior,” said Ronald Jackson, CEO of ASI. “Veritas panels are luminously expressive and customizable, bringing solutions through innovative product design and installation systems. Choose a texture, choose a color, choose an interlayer – there are thousands of possibilities.”

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