MODIGLIANA, ITALY — The Alpi Group, an international industrial group operating in the timber sector, is partnering with the Tropical Forest Trust (TFT), an international non-profit organization for forest conservation, to carry out a program of improvements in order to achieve recognized standards of excellence in forest management in Cameroon, Africa. 

“Today we have placed our statement of commitment to environmental protection on our web site,” said Vittorio Alpi, CEO of the Alpi group, “well aware that we are taking on a major responsibility towards maintaining the heritage of the forests for future generations.”

“Alpi is a responsible industrial group, and since it manages 265,000 hectares of tropical forest, its activities are capable of producing a positive influence not only at local levels but also at a national level throughout Cameroon, and indeed the whole Congo basin,” said Scott Poynton, TFT’s executive director. “We are delighted to work together with the Alpi group, and ready to keep the public constantly informed about the progress we achieve.”                                                                                                                                                      

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