MILAN, ITALY — Following the resignations of board members Grazia Finocchiaro (SCM Group) and Gianni Raggi (Cefla), the managing board of Acimall, the Italian woodworking machinery and tools manufacturers’ association, was joined by Giancarlo Anselmi and Roberto de Joannon, according to the association. The Board is now made up of: Ambrogio Delachi (Delmac), President; Paolo Griggio (Griggio), vice president; Claudio Ginnasi (Simimpianti), treasurer; Marco Alberti (Alberti Vittorio), Giancarlo Anselmi (Balducci Bruno), Roberto de Joannon (Incomac), Luca Lari (Artiglio), Franco Paviotti (Metal World) and Gianni Volpato (Volpato).

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